About Us

We are a flexible network of partners from academia, startups and agile software development. We build lasting links between Machine Learning and Machine Earning.

As a Collective, we have people who put cryptic ideas from academic papers in action. And people who work with data to make it usable, who try, and test, and tweak all that, in search of business value. And people who make sure all of it is portable, usable and fast.

You may know their expert profiles:



PhD’s from universities. They have deep knowledge about the latest possibilities and novel ideas in the field of AI. Often they push the limits and create new algorithms to solve problems that have never even been posited, let alone solved before.



They experiment with known algorithms, and build models to process available data. They quickly build, try out, and modify solutions, looking to solve real business problems with AI systems.



With measurable mileage in delivering advanced IT solutions, they combine AI prototypes with user experience into practical AI systems and fit them into wider IT infrastructures.

Together we flip all that perplexing input into enterprise-level AI systems, made to order.

During each project, we take the time to build up the AI skills of resident business teams. So that Machine Learning can keep on earning, wherever we embed it.


One fine day in 2017, a group of us started discussing things that AI aficionados talk about. There were among us several seasoned IT pros, distinguished university professors, and successful business owners. Long-time friends and collaborators, we soon agreed that:

  • Artificial Intelligence has had a foothold in Slovenia for the longest time,
  • We see not just the need, but also ways to bring cutting-edge academic research to businesses,
  • Leading enterprises would surely turn to practical AI solutions and services to improve the way they operate and produce new revenue,
  • Our individual specialties add up nicely and enable us to do all this,
  • Together, we can provide industries with an ultimate destination for all things AI.

Eventually, one of us said that all forward-looking enterprises already understand they need to start their AI transformation journey next.

So AI Collective was born and it is now at your service.